DIY Copy Kits


The Home Page Copy Kit

Whether you’re selling a product or a service, The Home Page Copy Kit has everything you need to write your own outstanding Home Page:


Think of your home page like your store front.

  • You want them to recognise that they are in the right place (or not)
  • You want them to understand what your business is all about
  • You want to tempt them to check out your products and services.
  • And hopefully, to catch their details so you can invite them back again.

Experts say you have between 3 and 5 seconds to get allll this information across when someone lands on your site.

Yep. Three to Five seconds.

That’s why the words you use are soooo important.

And that’s why I created my Home Page Copy Kit – a step-by-step workshop and workbook, to help you write your own home page from scratch. It’s full of examples of different home pages to inspire you and help you figure out what works for you.

Grab yours now and get your Home Page done today.

Let’s be honest – does your home page need some love?

The Home Page Copy Kit

Just NZD$97 (approx $70USD)

The About Page Copy Kit

Whether you’re selling a product or a service, The About Page Copy Kit has everything you need to write your own outstanding About page:


In this video lesson + workbook , you will learn:

  • What makes a great About page – with lots of examples
  • The essential elements of a great About page.
  • How to bring it all together to create an effective page
  • How to elegantly explain your credentials (paper or otherwise)
  • A range of different about page styles (no cookie cutters here!)
  • Copywriting and style tips for that finishing touch

Just NZD$97 (approx $70USD)


From the Workshop Archives

You can buy any of the workshops below.

Customer Intelligence Workshop

Believe it or not, your customers are telling you exactly what they want to know, learn and buy from you. All you need to do is start paying attention.

In this workshop you will learn:


  •  How to find out exactly what your customers want to learn, know and buy
  • How to use your customers’ words to create copy that connects AND converts
  • Simple strategies to find endless inspiration for web copy, blogs, social media, newsletters, digital products and more


I’ll also share my signature system for tracking, analysing and using customer intelligence in your copy .

JUST $29 NZD (roughly $18 USD)

Editorial Calendar Workshop

Your blog can be an incredible tool for creating interest in your products or services, and turning readers into paying customers – if you know how to blog strategically.

In this 90-minute workshop you’ll learn how to :


  • Define the core  themes (and side topics) of your blog, so you always know what to write about
  • Use your blog to nurture your peeps from curious readers into paying customers
  • Align your blog topics with your business goals. Got a workshop to fill? A product to launch? I’ll show you how to blog to build buzz around your product or service
  • Use my simple-yet-effective editorial calendar to map out your next 60 days of blog topics live on the call – a process you can repeat again and again
JUST $29 NZD (roughly $18 USD)