Still searching for a professional title? Try these five magic words

No professional title? Steal these five magic words

Still searching for a professional title? Try these five magic words

Are you still looking for a catchy professional title?

You’ve created a business around your unique combination of skills, passions and experience, and conventional titles simply don’t capture all that you do. You want something that’s interesting, original and catchy, yet perfectly sums up the essence of your work.

Tall order? You bet.

I believe that when it comes to job titles, clear beats clever. Keep it simple and stick with words your customer will easily understand.

To my mind, your professional title matters less than the explanation that follows. It’s rare that you’ll introduce yourself by a title alone. Most of the time you’ll have the opportunity to create some context by adding a sentence or two. 

So, if you can’t find the perfect title, try this instead:

Step One – The five magic words

Simply introduce yourself and say:

“My work is all about….”

And then fill in the gap.

Fill in the gap with whatever it is that you truly LOVE about your work. What’s the big idea that underlies everything you do?

This is a great technique if your business is multi-faceted – for example, if you are a fitness trainer who also offers life coaching. Maybe your work is about helping busy women find their rhythm in life… or get their vitality back… Or restoring confidence after personal trauma.

Step Two – the explanation

Now you can explain how you do that. Let’s use the fitness trainer example again:

My work is all about helping executive women get their vitality back. As a personal trainer, I create fun, addictive workouts she’ll want to stick to, no matter how crazy her schedule. And as a life coach, I help her carve out space for what’s missing in her life, whether that’s joy, creativity, relationships or anything else she desires.”

Get the idea? This is not a fixed answer to be memorised and recited like a parrot. Instead the focus is on having a conversation. You can adjust the words and the length, depending on your audience and the context.  

Bonus tip – a great way to keep the conversation going is to relate your work back to the person asking the original question:

“What helps you maintain your vitality?”

Isn’t that a more interesting question than “What do you do?”

So what’s your work all about? Share your idea in the comments below.

Need help to identify your big underlying idea? Check out this blog about Finding your Golden Thread  – and the free workbook that goes along with it.

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