Ready to go Write to the Heart of Your Message?

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wholehearted entrepreneurs

Writing about your business is like sketching a self-portrait without a mirror

You can’t see yourself the way the world sees you.


But I do.

I’m Christine Sheehy – I’m a messaging coach, copywriter and bestselling author – and

I want to take you  write to the heart of your business.

Because your work is powerful. You just don’t know how to share it with the people who need you most.

Together, we’ll peel back the layers to uncover your core message, so you can set yourself apart, connect with your dream peeps and build a thriving business around the work you love to do.

Everything you need to know is already

within you.

Write from the Heart Collection

A treasury of free writing resources

to help you get clear on your mission, connect from the heart, make an impact with your message and engage your audience.

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